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EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads New Release Spotlight w/Giveaway: The Caretaker by Dahlia Donovan

Welcome to EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads New Release Spotlight!
The Caretaker by Dahlia Donovan
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Nurse Freddie Whittle devotes every fibre of his being to his work with cancer patients. Their pain weighs heavily on his shoulders. Between losing clients, the expectations of his fathers, and bigot neighbours, he’s slowly reaching his breaking point.
Taine Afoa retires from a storied career as an international rugby star. He’s moved away from London for a change of pace, never expecting to meet a man who’s far too young for him. No matter how hard he tries, it’s impossible to get Freddie out of his mind.
Will Taine's resistance dissolve in time for him to give love the chance to flourish?

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Tell us about The Caretaker.

Nurse Freddie Whittle devotes every fibre of his being to his work with cancer patients. Their pain weighs heavily on his shoulders. …

Release Blitz w/Giveaway: Whispered Prayers of a Girl by Alex Grayson


Her whispered prayers break her...
At night, as she’s drifting off to
sleep, I press my ear to the door and listen to her heart wrenching pleas to
bring her father back. Her words are agony to my healing heart, but I cherish
the sound of them, for that’s the only time I ever hear my beautiful daughter
speak. Since her father died two years ago, she’s grown quiet and withdrawn. Catalina’s
Valley is to be our new beginning, a place where my family and I can heal, but
what we find there is so much more.
Scars mar his body. Pain has
darkened his life…

Three years ago, I lost the two
things I cherished most in the world. They were ripped from my arms in the most
painful and cruel way. Since then, I’ve kept to myself, preferring to stay away
from the pitying looks and the uttered rumors. Everything changed when she and
her children barged into my life. It was an accident, not meant to happen, but
I wonder if maybe it was.
A tortured soul meets a damaged

A lonely man, a widow…

Cover Reveal: Presidential Bargain by Rebecca Gallo

Forever Valentine PR and More is proud to present the cover reveal for Presidential Bargain by Rebecca Gallo. Title: Presidential Bargain Author: Rebecca Gallo Release Date: Aug 14 2017 Cover Design:  Jameson Martin was the presidential candidate who needed a wife. I needed a way out of debt.
The moment I agreed to be his pretend fiancĂ©e, all our problems should have been solved. Instead, things got complicated. 
Publicly, we were the picture of patriotic perfection.
Privately, we struggled with the one thing that wasn’t in our plan – more.
I didn’t realize how lonely my life was until Jameson filled it with everything I was missing. His passionate commitment to public service earned my vote; his icy blue gaze and the way he gave me a purpose stole my heart. But I wanted to be his partner, not his secret. And I wanted the one thing that Jameson struggled to give me – his heart.  Rebecca Gallo was first indoctrinated into the romance genre by her babysitter who watched hours upon hours of daytim…