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Release Blitz: Tomorrow by Haylee Thorne

(Kinglsey Book Series #1)
By Haylee Thorne Release date: May 28th, 2017
Contemporary Romance
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Welcome to the world of the young and restless.
Notorious playboy and billionaire Mika Kingsley plays the game of life just
like he plays at business in the boardroom...hard, fast and taking no
prisoners. What he doesn't already own, he conquers and masters, bending
all comers to his unyielding iron will. However, after tragedy strikes Mika
finds himself desperately searching for something he can hold on to when
into his new world of chaos and disarray walks nurse Raeva. From the very
first moment he lays eyes on her, he sets his mind and considerable
resources to acquiring her body and soul, unaware that this is one conquest
that may prove more than a match for his indomitable sense of control.
Raeva Ray is young, brash, educated, and beautiful. He quickly realizes
that it…

New Release: Their Spoiled Virgin by J.L. Beck

New Release!!!

J. L. Beck Their Spoiled Virgin
A Twin Brothers MFMMenage Romance
Release Date May 26, 2017

The Cress Twin’s always get what they want…  Baileys a virgin. The one thing that twin brothers Tyler and Logan Cress try their hardest to stay away from. Yet one look at her and they both know they need to have her…  There's this deep rooted desire to possess her body, to bend her at our own will. Just one taste we tell each other until she lets us taste her, and the carnal need to be hers takes over.  She’s never been with one man let alone two but we aren’t about to give up… we know deep down inside she can take both of us.  Yeah, she might be too naive, and young for my brother and I but one taste will never be enough for us… One slip inside her warm hole and we’re both done.

EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Sunday Spotlight w/Giveaway: Reminiscences Of A Seeker by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar

Welcome to EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Sunday Spotlight!
Reminiscences of A Seeker by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar
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A series of events catapults Kapil into the fascinating world of Dark Arts and suck him into the quagmire of drama, suspense, greed and betrayal. And just when the trials and tribulations seem to engulf Kapil completely, there emerged from the deepest darkness, a Brilliant Light of his True Master. Reminiscences of A Seeker tells the true story of an ordinary man plunged into extraordinary circumstances of the Dark World.  Kapil takes you on his unforgettable true journey of the supernatural world of mystics and higher beings, unbelievable miracles and the parallel world of darkness and light, in his spiritual pursuit of seeking the ONE – who would show him the Ultimate Divine.

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Tell us about Reminiscences Of A Seeker: Dark Face Of The White World.


Virtual Book Tour w/Giveaway: 7 Days With You by Hugo Driscoll

YA Romance Date Published: 11/04/2017 Publisher: Leap of Faith Publishing

Sean Johnson's life as a small-town farmhand has been nothing but predictable, but when he meets Sophia Hillingdon at the local animal sanctuary, she gets him out of an eighteen-year rut, away from the mundane existence on the farm, and a grieving, drunken father.
Sophia is the first person who understands him and makes him believe that he might get out of their small town, who tells him, he has the potential to be whoever he wants to be and do whatever he wants to do.
But as their relationship unfolds, it is the most devastating of news that will change both of them forever.


Her face was nearer than it had ever been. Her skin felt smooth and warm. All I could do was lean further into her, losing myself in the moment. And then there were her piercing blue eyes-even more extraordinary up close. Before I knew it, I’d brought my hands to her chest as our parting lips collided. We kissed for hours, inhabiti…

Virtual Book Tour w/Giveaway: Blood Phoenix: Imprinted by Alisha Costanzo

Urban Fantasy with satirical, horror, and romantic elements Date Published: May 9, 2017 Publisher:Transmundane Press, LLC
With an old war raging between vampires and shifters, Ria must learn to refocus her life if she's going to survive.
Her renegade fight was just the beginning. The queen is recruiting new soldiers. Ria's going on vicious missions with her battle buddy. And her explosive abilities are malfunctioning at inopportune moments.
So now, Ria must forgo her selfish desires to compartmentalize her life, but what's she to do when she can't save everyone she wants to? One girl may not be capable of taking down an empire. Good thing Ria's got help.


We played party games. Ari and I taught the boys, even Mark, how to play Drug Dealer, a social card game where each player drew a card and a role: the drug dealer, the cop, and the buyers. The dealer had to wink at the buyers and sell to them all before the cop caught him. Wink at the wrong person or the wrong…

EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Review: Rescuing Kassie by Susan Stoker

Rescuing Kassie Delta Force Heroes #5 by  Susan Stoker

Graham "Hollywood" Caverly feels the chemistry with Kassie Anderson in the emails they've been exchanging through a dating site. When they finally meet in person, and that online chemistry proves to have real-life sizzle, he knows she's the one. He couldn't be happier when their first date, at an annual Army Ball, goes better than he could have imagined. Until Kassie drops a bomb.

Kassie doesn't want to approach Hollywood on the dating site, but threats to her family leave her no other choice. She definitely doesn't want to fall for the man. But fall she does. Hard. After she admits the ruse--and after some understandable anger on both their parts--Kassie wonders if, in Hollywood's arms, a happy future is within her grasp.

But her past always finds her, and in Kassie's case, that's a dangerous proposition--because she's connected to an old enemy of Hollywood's Delta Force team. …