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Reviewers WANTED & NEEDED!


EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads is looking to add  new reviewers to their team immediately!!!

If you are an avid reader &  leave reviews on Goodreads &  either on Amazon, B&N, iBooks, or Kobo.  We would love too add you to our reviewing team!

If you have a Netgalley & Edelwiess account that is a bonus!

You never have to post on the blog,  the owners at EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads 
will copy your review from Goodreads & paste it to the blog.
Only your first name or a pseudonym you prefer as the reviewer of that review. If your review is part of a review tour that receives a giftcard you will receive that reward! (not all review tours offer this reward)
With our features Midweek Spotlight,  Sunday Spotlight &   Saturday Spotlight & our new feature New Release Spotlight, we have a demand  on reviews to be posted on spotlight.
 At the current time we have been turning reviews away!
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EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads Saturday Spotlight w/Giveaway: Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance by Lucy Belle

Welcome to EskieMama & Dragon Lady Reads 
Saturday Spotlight! Today we are spotlighting Lucy Belle's  Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance!

Enter below for a chance to win 1 of 3 copies of  Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance from Lucy Belle

Lucy Belle's  Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance

Brody Stevenson, Jake Callahan and Trevor Winters are planning a night to remember for three special ladies; Michaela Horton, Jaden Kingsley, and Rayna Baxter at the Meadow Falls annual Sweet heart Dance. But will a secret Brody, Jake and Trevor harbored for three months make this magical night a night from hell.

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Q & A with Lucy Belle about Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance!
Tell us about Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance Meadow Falls Sweetheart Dance is a novella introducing three couples Brody Stevenson-Michaela(Micki)Horton, Jake Callahan-Jaden Kingsley & Trevor Winters-Rayna Baxter. Brody, Jake & Trevor plan a night to remember for Michaela, Jaden and Rayna. But each is harboring a …

Guest Post: Sarah M. Anderson author of Mystic Cowboy

Exclusive Excerpt from Sarah M. Anderson's Mystic Cowboy!

Thank goodness, Dr. Madeline Mitchell thought as she hurried into the sterile gown and snapped the shield over her face. Anything to get her away from all those half-hearted well wishers at her farewell party. “Drugs!” the woman—girl really, probably no more than seventeen—who was sprawled on the stretcher screamed. They hadn’t even made it to a room in the E.R. yet. At least it’s not a boring night, Madeline thought as she bent to check. The baby was already crowning. The girl screamed again, and another inch of the head emerged. They would barely have time to get to the room. Drugs were out of the question. She was just going to have to tough it out. Madeline let her training take over. She loved the E.R., loved the unexpected. In fact, right now she was loving the unexpected more than she normally did. It was her last night working before she bailed on Columbus, Ohio, and to bring a new baby into this world as her final act a…

Guest Post: Desiree Holt

Guest Post by Desiree Holt
author of Naked Hunger

Where did the Naked Cowboys come from
People ask me a lot where I get the ideas for my stories. That’s hard to say, because almost anything can trigger it. I had been writing about cowboys for several years, and living in Texas at the time gave me lots of material for background and settings. I mean, in the small town where I lived, you could practically walk down the sidewalk and take your pick. But I needed a hook to jump start both the story and the series. I was having coffee with two friends one day and one of my friends said, “Okay, you will never believe what my husband did this time.” We looked at her expectantly. “Well. I had my old college roommate visiting. We were watching movies and hubby, who had been out with some of his friend, came home stinking drunk and could hardly find his way to the bedroom. “I excused myself while I got him into the room, undressed and into bed, then closed the door to go back to the movie. I had barel…